Contribute with AMUSE-MAG:


We are open to embrace artists such as art directors, photographers, film makers,  makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, bloggers, digital influencers, graphic designers, journalists and dream makers of all kinds; we are on the lookout for new artists who will complete our team, add innovative and witty ideas of beauty, art, creativity and experience.

Send us an email to with a preview of the work you want to see on our pages and tell us how you would like to team up with us!

Please read the relevant information below:
• All materials will be subject to review and edit by the in-house art director and editor;
• If you send your story ready to publish, we wont change a thing, meaning: title,lay-out, composition, credits and all editorial info and requirements to be ready to go.
• If you want us to collaborate with you we will do our thing to make it look like AMUSE-MAG.
• All materials will be evaluated and only the good ones will prevail.
• The moment your project enchant us, we will forward an e-mail with the proposed collaboration;
• We are not liable for costs, if any, occurred at your shoot.
• Please only carry out a shoot if you can financially afford to and have the necessary insurance to cover any unforeseen damage or costs.
• You can send us suggestions and complaints; we are interested in constructive criticism, ok?
• We want to know who collaborated with you: Photographer, video maker, makeup artist, hair stylist, models, agencies, fashion, scenery, art director, …
• The idea is to publish one story per week, so it can take weeks until your story come to the public, so patience management is the key,sometimes we will do two per week, wich will be awesome!


In order to become published we need the legal authorizations and forms of those involved in the project and the copyright of the third party and no legal risk for anyone involved;


The AMUSE-MAG reserves the right to refuse submissions, if we believe that the content or material is not in accordance with the magazine direction and style.


In case you amuse us with your project, we will need:

• Credits from models and all artists agencies, assistants, artists, crew, products and brands featured in your project, people you have to thank for the accomplished material, remembering, if you’d forgot someone on the way, we can’t help you to get the blame for it.
• Only send finals in Jpg File Formats.
• Images on high resolution 300dpi and RGB (web).
• The size must be 960×600 either one image our two single images combined.

Creatives once your shoot has been approved and shot, please provide us with proof images. This allows us to select our favourite images and saves you time editing. We will then ask you to edit the selected images to your best ability.


Graphic Designers and Illustrators we would love to see samples of your work. Please either send us low res images or a link to your work.

Writers please send any articles directly or alternatively send your ideas and examples of previous work.

If you are an agent and would like one of your talents to be featured, please simply provide us with their latest profile/resume or press release.

If your idea(s) and/or submission(s) are suitable for the magazine we will get back to you as soon possible.


Please refrain from posting approved images or stories online prior to the launch of the issue. We reserve the right to pull the story should you do so.