Music from film “Fool For Love” — Fashion Film produced by In Good Company for Cisô Atelier Film Director and Editor: Luigi Dias (In Good Company®) Crystal is Melissa Oxlade

Location: SuiteDreams2117 by Felipe Morozini Stylist: Ricardo Bruno (Bugg Styling) Hair and Make Up: Diego Américo Hair and Make Up Assistant: Deborah Luzzi Polto

Location: SuiteDreams2117 by Felipe Morozini Hotel Maksoud Plaza

Special thanks to: Rafael Costa, Fabio Queiroz, Helo Ricci, Felipe Morozini, Frou Frou Brechó

Music produced by Som Ritmika Audio Arts Writer: Luigi Dias Music director Henrique Tanji Voice: Melissa Oxlade ‘Crystal’

Drums: Thiago Messa Guitar: Gustavo Boralli Bass: Dario Forghieri Music by Henrique Tanji Mixed engineer: Andre d’Avila

Produced by In Good Company®2016©